Sailing trip, another good way to feel free

Since a long time, my family and I wanted to take holiday together. To do something more unique we decided to rend a catamaran and make a tour in Andaman Sea in Thailand. Thailand is sooo easy to travel. Even we were 10 people, those weeks were perfect. Sailing, snorkelling, fishing, kayaking, walking into caves…always something to do surrounded by an idyllic scenery.

Our itinerary: We begin our family trip from Phuket with our +10 people catamaran. We didn’t plan a specific itinerary. We wandered depending on the weather and our sailor recommendations. Basically, we pass through all island we saw as well as the touristic places like Krabi, Maya Bay, Phi Phi Islands where we start our way back. After the sailing trip, we spent a week to Khao Sok National Park in Monkey Mansion Bungalows. From here, we discover the area by kayak or scooter. We finish our holidays with few days in Bangkok.

What to eat: Thailand’s food is really good. To appreciate truly you just have to avoid big restaurants/hotels and focus on tiny houses where women cook by themselves. Simpler it looks like, better it will be. Good thing to know if you plan to travel by boat, is that fishermen come to you to sale their “catch of the day” – so good and cheap : You can also try to fish by yourself but it’s not easy at all…

Wherever you are there should be a market, take time to walk across. It’s always nice to see it and Thailand is paradise for fruits.

What to see and do: After a long walk into the reserve of Khao Sok, we spent the night in hamacs in the middle of jungle during a huge tropical rain… In total immersion we did our camp helped by a local guide; a very unique experience.
We also did a full day of kayaking in Bang Wan, we were alone… just nature and us, Magic!
Not so easy after all this to come back to reality…

Even if Thailand it’s a very touristic destination, it was very pleasant to travel there. Activities for everyone, different landscapes, hot weather, friendly people and good food and life still very simple. I know I will go back to explore more.

What are your favorites places in Thailand? Are they still some secret spots?
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