SVALBARD ft Mike Horn

  What a trip! We are in July 2020 on a Norwegian archipelago called Svalbard. We are only a few kilometers from the North Pole. It's summer up there, it means that the sun never sets. I joined the adventurer Mike Horn on his boat accompanied by his

Life in the Arctic Circle

A collaboration with @beautifuldestinations   This movie is something that I have wanted to do for a long time. The North and everything up there fascinate me. Especially during the winter season. Huge untouched landscapes, a rough weather that changes all the time, a rich wildlife and

Iceland x DiscoverEarth

A collaboration with @discoverearth   This movie is a collection of memories during a road trip in Iceland with my two sisters and father. In February 2018 we flew from Zurich in Switzerland to Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. The road trip lasted 12 days during which we mainly

Wildlife of Namibia

Since I'm a kid, I dream to meet African wildlife. In July 2018, I was able to visit for the first time an African country with an incredible diversity of animals. My girlfriend her parents and I crossed the country with our own 4x4 for

Incredible India

A project for India & You   In early 2017, a woman named Claire Martignier contacted me following the movie I made in Costa Rica to "reproduce that" so create content that makes you want to go on a trip to India. She created a travel agency

A moment in Dubai

Dubai is not the kind of destination I have in mind when I’m looking for a place to travel. But a cousin lives there for a few years and this trip was an opportunity to meet him and share a good time with him. So

Costa Rica

  Or the place where ALL STARTED.   This trip in 2016 was a real revelation for me. That's when I knew that being able to create content in unknown countries was what I really want to do in my life Here is a selection of memories during 3