So close and yet so different! Love it!

Small weekend trip in Marrakesh this time, to warm me up waiting summer time in Switzerland. 42° degrees on our arrival, I couldn’t dream better! Not far from Switzerland, it’s I think it’s a good place to relax and lose all sense of time and reality.

Where to stay:  You’ve probably heard about Riads, traditional villas or palace in Morocco. Since, you can stay in those amazing places, you’ll find for every budget Riads hotels in thecenter. Sometimes, they are hidden and privy but guys on the streets will gladly help you in exchange of money! It’s how it works if you walk around like tourists.

It’s really hot out there, maybe one day, take your swimwear and go to the Mamounia Hotel, a very chic place and if you have enough time book a massage in the Hammam.

What to eat: Love it! Tajine (lamd, chicken lemon, peas…) Pastilla, Couscous, they have a lot of specialties, I know that we have only taste a small part of all they can offer. Surely next time!

What to see and do: The Souk of course, traipse and lost yourself in those small streets. Smell spices, shop babouche, discover typical crafts, see women cooking in markets… a very pleasant experience. Finish your day in the famous place the Jemaa el-Fna drinking Moroccan tea hearing this lovely call to prayer.

The architecture is really nice and poetic, in the center of the Medina, take time to see these impressive places: Palace de la bahia, Palace El Badiî, Medersa Ben Youssef, Maison de la Photographie and a little off center les Jardins de Majorelle.

Make a tour round Marrakesh to discover villages and desert all around. Rest from the city and take a break to visit the land. You will certainly meet friendly people offer you a camel ride or women explain you the process to make Argan oil.

We really appreciate the atmosphere and people we met were very friendly.

 We are already looking forward to visiting Essaouira, have you ever been there? Looking for hotels addresses.
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