WILD. If I have to resume this country in one word it would be WILD. Rain, wind, sun, snowstorm, blue sky. It's useless watching forecasts. All that in two hours. But this is probably one of reasons why I love this place. The magical « land

Hong Kong

Asia for the first time Hong Kong, the first time I set foot in Asia! I had nothing else to compare with but to resume in few words I will say: business, impressive wild, hot and moist. We went to Hong Kong with Dylan and Robin to


Sailing trip, another good way to feel free Since a long time, my family and I wanted to take holiday together. To do something more unique we decided to rend a catamaran and make a tour in Andaman Sea in Thailand. Thailand is sooo easy to


Sun sharks & heat ! What a better place to chill. Live in tongs and swimwear, it's feel so good. Lovely houses in the center, fisherman everywhere on the docks, fish and fruits in every plates, so fresh, we loved it ! We plan our journey in