Dominican Republic

A landscape of post card along with Latino music and pina colada, that’s what I’ll remember from my stay.

Beside the touristic side of the island (shared with Haiti), you can still find lovely small wonders well preserved.

End of June, I’ve been contact by a Spanish agency called LINK, to go make a movie for Dominican Republic. My friend Robin came with me to shot with the drone and took some pictures.

We landed at Punta Cana and took a night bus to drive up to our first hotel in Bavahibe.

During our trip, we went to the north of the country to discover the wildlife of Samana Bay. We took a small boat and sailed a full day in this bay… Sometimes we stopped to explore some grooves, walked in the mangroves or again just stopped in those small desert islands.

What to eat: Like many other Caribbean countries, the fish is king. Nothing better than a grilled fresh fish fished 30minutes ago!

What to see: The small village of Altos the Chavon is wonderful. He overhangs the famous river where the movie Apocalypse Now was shot. Samana bay is very wild a perfect location if you want to take a break from the big hotels from the coast.

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