Costa Rica

« ¡ Pura Vida ! » or back to basics !

Do you like wildlife, jungle, peacefulness exotic animals ? Costa Rica is your paradise

Imagine walking on the main road of a village and found an alligator hidden in a water scoop behind plants or drive with open windows and see full of red macaw! It was our first time to Costa Rica, and we really wanted to make a wild, natural trip. Walking through reserves, swim in waterfalls, drive along the coast, expecting under trees to see sloths… We were not disappointed! We had the chance to see all of this. Moreover, we meet friendly people, always available to help us.

Our itinerary: As we used to do, we do not really plan a precise itinerary; we search for good places on web and once there, we check how far we can go. For us, it’s one of the best way to travel. So, we landed at San José where we take our 4×4 car. We directly take the road to go East to finally smell Caribbean Sea!  We started to drive a boat to Tortuguero our heart-stoppers. From there we went North across the land to see the famous volcano Arenal, we carry on to Monteverde, where we thought we would never get up there!

After those days across jungle and natures reserves we started moving down West on the Atlantic Coast. We had enough time to cross a long way from Puntarenas to Uvita thread by Tarcoles, Jacò, Playa Hermosa, Quepos, Manuel Antonio and the famous surf point Dominical.

We finished our road trip from where we arrived at San José.

Where to stay: We left to Costa Rica during rainy days, early September, the advantage it’s that you are alone! We had nothing booked and we always had a room. Most of the time, we looking for huts, addresses pick up from the guide “le routard”. If we had to give 2 favorite addresses, it will be at Tortuguero on the beach where turtles lay their eggs and at Marino Bellana, where we could test our first time in a treehouse.

What to eat: If you like seafood, Costa Rica is an excellent place for you!

We discovered a dish that will become one of our favorite! « Sopa de mariscos en coco de leche» Not matter where we landed, we asked for this amazing dish, even if it was more than 30 degrees. No specific addresses, there were good everywhere, sometimes spicier than others.

Another fresh and healthy dish, that we can found everywhere was the Ceviche; Fresh fish with lemon and coriander, very populate.

What to see and do: Tortuguero for sure! Even the way to get there was amazing; From La Pavona, it’s approx. 2 hours on a boat along the canal to see monkeys and alligator. Once there it feels like being at the end of the world. Surrounded by jungle, rivers and sea, everything is quiet; the only thing to do by walk or by boat it’s to observe wildlife. Do not miss, an early morning walk to see turtles lay their eggs on the beach, very prestigious moment.

Rio Tarcoles, from Puntarenas turn left after the bridge, below you will see lots of big crocodiles!  Just here…in their natural environment, close to the road and passers-by. Unbelievable!

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