The happiest country? Surely!

Four days escape during Christmas period with my girlfriend to Copenhagen, what a peaceful moment! The city is quiet and safe and at the same time trendy and modern. OK, it’s really freezing outside, but you have enough lovely coffees and bars to warm you up!

 Where to stay: We tried this time an Airbnb (hotels are quite expensive and quickly booked) and it was perfect! If you also love Nordic design, it’s the better way to submerge into real Scandinavian living, in our case, the experience fit perfectly with the image we had of a Danish family. Furthermore, the flat is located in front of the food market (Torvehallerne), super easy to start the day with your Coffee on the go or take a salty break with a Smørrebrød.

What to eat: You will find of course everything a big city can offer, but I will remember 2 things. Smørrebrød, the typical plate you can find easily. It’s big toast salty and cold in several tastes (chicken salad, salmon, pork, tartar…) it’s fresh and most of the time healthy enough.

If you want to offer yourself a unique gustative experience, you’ll find restaurants that propose unique menu with amazing associations and remarkable presentations. They are often pretty expensive but if you like cooking or just curious you’ll love it!

What to see and do: If you stay 4 days, you have enough time to have a good overview of the city, distances are not so big. If you are hurried, rent a bike, Danish people ride carefully but remember to wear your gloves!

On our arrival at 4pm, we directly go to Tivoli Gardens. It was really nice, just during the sunset, the atmosphere was magical, a safe haven for children.

We also loved walking on docks side, from the famous street Nyhavn cross bridges to go direction Kristianiastan. The view is pretty, and it’s always pleasant to breath Ocean air.

Another thing to do and not least, it’s shopping! In every city, it’s the thing to do, but in Copenhagen it’s a must. Go for a stroll in every design shops in every tiny street is so likeable. The famous one, HAY HOUSE in the corner of Stork Fountain place.

It was an easy and simple trip in Copenhagen, if you are a food and design lover; this city is for you! Maybe next time, we’ll go in summer to see Danish people in shorts and enjoy parks!

And you, what’s your favourite city in Europe?
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