California! Who wouldn’t want to go there?!

We had more than 2 weeks and we had enough time to realize how California is rich; cities, attractions, deserts, surf point, beaches, forests, wildlife… Perfect location for an easy road trip.

Our itinerary: We started our journey from L.A from where we pick up our car. We cross the city to our first hotel at Venice Beach, the most beautiful minutes of my life! Windows open, background music from radio; dream comes true. All the movies you’ve seen, all you had imagine exists, even GTA becomes real.

We stayed at L.A for few days, (not enough to see everything for sure) and from there we begin our trip starting with a small stop to Las Vegas and then go north to Death Valley, Yosemite National Park, Mammoth Lakes, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Monterey, the coasted road on Big Sur and Santa Barbara for our last days.

Where to stay: Accommodations is quite expensive for all the places we’ve been especially in Cities, where we had more trouble finding vacant rooms at reasonable prices. I don’t know if you already been to San Francisco without booking, but for us it tough. Maybe better to book this one…

On the coast, we were looking for motels like movies, you know small rooms side by side with the car in front of your door… there are plenty, not a big deal at all.

 What to eat: As you probably know, you can find everything in United States, so don’t be scary if you are pernickety it won’t be a problem.

Besides extraordinary burgers and Cesar salads that you will find everywhere, we had our 2 best plates. The first one, an amazing crab sandwich on the pier of Santa Barbara, I still dreaming about this and the second one, a classic, the ribeye steak in Tahoe Lake at Stateline brewery, fabulous.

 What to see and do: Depending where you stay, there is always something to visit, to see or to do. You can do everything you want!

For example, in L.A we’ve been to Universal Studio on the morning. Have you been there? So much fun! Jurassic Park attraction was so crazy. In Santa Barbara, we rent lovely bikes to take some fresh air along the Ocean road, we also try Baseball, which is not as easy as in the movies… In natural reserves like Yosemite, Mammoth you go there for some walk, if you’re are lucky you going to see some bears and wolfs. Those places are amazing; very different from Switzerland, where we come from.

On the coast, driving is an activity in itself, so beautiful! You have several points you can stop, just to admire the view; we even saw whales! if you want to see more closely, you have to go to Monterey, from there you can pick a boat and 30minutes off the coast you’ll probably see whales and maybe orcs (take care to check the migratory period), magical moments!

We were super hasty to discover those landscapes we always see on movies and we have not been disappointed. We are already excited to come back and do everything we did not have time to do.

Next time, it will be in Camping car, and you?


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