Sun sharks & heat !

What a better place to chill. Live in tongs and swimwear, it’s feel so good. Lovely houses in the center, fisherman everywhere on the docks, fish and fruits in every plates, so fresh, we loved it !

We plan our journey in Bahamas on our way back from Costa Rica, you know just to extend just a little more our holidays. 4 days were perfect. Unfortunately, we stayed in Nassau and didn’t saw other islands but we booked a super hotel apart the center and had a great moment, the colourful bungalows and the cosy room were perfect.

Dive and snorkel are things to do of course! We went for a half day trip with Stuart Cove’s on a boat to swim in different spots. Last one with sharks was the best, first time for us but for sure not the last. Magical moment, they were so beautiful. Very pleased to meet them in their natural environment.

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