Director / Photographer / Storyteller



Hey guys!


My name is Antoine Janssens. I’m a 29 years old content creator born in Switzerland. My passion for travel and film creation pushed me to do the job I have the chance to do today.


I grew up with this desire to discover the world around me. To be able to evolve in all these different landscapes, to meet these thousands of species of animals, to meet the different peoples, tribes and cultures of our planet. A few years later, I discovered this second passion, which is the creation of films. I can now capture all those things that fascinate me to create content and share it around me.


How I made money? This is a question that comes up often… Actually I’m co-founder associate director of a creative agency (Toast Agency) specializing in commercial movies. So it allows me to combine my personal projects and commercials for famous brands all around the world.